Our Terms & Conditions

Note: A PDF version of our Terms & Conditions is available here.

Last updated: 17 Aug, 2022.

Chiffriermaschine (the trading name of Patrick Hayes) provides valuation, sales and brokerage services to museums, dealers and collectors of cryptologic objects. Chiffriermaschine is also referred to by the words “we”, “us” and “our” in these Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policy.

Clients can be provided with the following deliverables:

• Object inspections (both online or in-person).
• Object inspection reports and research, including valuations.
• Brokerage of object sales between clients (either as the Buyer or Seller). 

1. Confidentiality.

(1.1) Data Protection:
Where we obtain any personal information about you via the Chiffriermaschine website, we shall only use it in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy. A copy of the Privacy Policy can be found on the our website.

(1.2) Chiffriermaschine Services: Chiffriermaschine agrees to keep confidential information communicated by the Client to Chiffriermaschine in connection with services provided, unless consent is granted otherwise.

(1.3) Examples of confidential information include:

• Client personal information.
• Object-specific information (e.g. serial numbers).
• Photographs.
• Valuation and final sale prices.

(1.4) This obligation of confidence shall not apply to any information that: (1) is in the public domain at the time of its communication; (2) is independently developed by Chiffriermaschine; (3) entered the public domain through no fault of Chiffriermaschine subsequent to the Client's communication to Chiffriermaschine; (4) is in Chiffriermaschine's possession free of any obligation of confidence at the time of the Client's communication to Chiffriermaschine; or (5) is communicated by the Client to a third party free of any obligation of confidence. Additionally, Chiffriermaschine may disclose such information to the extent required by legal process.

(1.5) Consent for the disclosure of confidential information must take written form. This consent can be withdrawn at any time in writing (e.g. for the removal of information from the Chiffriermaschine website), but Chiffriermaschine shall not be held responsible for the continued use or storage of this information by third parties.

2. Inspection and Valuation Services.

(2.1) Inspections. Chiffriermaschine offers both online and in-person object inspections for the purpose of providing valuation or sales services to the Client. The latter (the preferred method) is subject to distance to travel and personal availability. Following inspections, an inspection report will be produced and will include the following sections (where applicable): Object Notes, General Remarks and Recommendations. The report will be provided for the stated purposes and for the sole use of the named Client, as outlined by Section 1.

(2.2) Information provided for inspections. For online inspections, it is the responsibility of the Client to provide suitable photographs of the object or objects and other information as required so that an accurate inspection report can be produced.

(2.3) A per diem fee of £400 + travel costs is payable for in-person inspections.

(2.4) Valuations. As noted in Section 2.1, Chiffriermaschine is able to provide object valuation services to clients. The Client shall pay Chiffriermaschine in respect of the said professional advice a fee to be agreed upon (unless a fee for an in-person inspection is payable).

(2.5) Object valuations can be provided for the following purposes: 

• Sales purposes.
• Collection management purposes.
• Insurance purposes.

3. Sales & Brokerage Services.

(3.1) Chiffriermaschine offers brokerage services for the sale of cryptologic objects, assisting the Seller or the Buyer (as a client). Through this service, clients can be provided with the following deliverables:

• Object valuations and research.
• Services in searching for a buyer.
• Facilitation of communication and negotiation between the parties involved in the sale.

(3.2) In order to search for a buyer, Chiffriermaschine requires the consent of the Seller to share information (including photographs) of the object or objects for sale with those who may be interested in buying them. Seller personal information will remain confidential. Once interest has been generated, an introductory email will be written in order to establish communication between the Seller and the Buyer.

(3.3) Concerning the above, this consent must be expressed in writing and can be withdrawn at any time by the same means, as outlined in Section 1.5. It is the responsibility of the Seller to provide accurate information on the object or objects offered for sale.

(3.4) A commission of 10% of the sale price is payable for brokerage services.

4. Payment.

(4.1) Payment to Chiffriermaschine should be made by the Client in a prompt manner. Typically, invoices from Chiffriermaschine will stipulate payment to be made within 14 days from the date of issue, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon.

(4.2) The following methods of payment may be used:

• Bank transfer.
• Cash (subject to discretion)·
• Cheque (from a United Kingdom bank).
Questions, comments and requests regarding our Terms & Conditions are welcomed and should be addressed to Chiffriermaschine at info@chiffriermaschine.com.