Photographs of Wrens at Bombe outstation
Photographs of Wrens at Bombe outstation
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A collection of wartime photographs depicting WRNS personnel (Wrens), including one at the Bombe outstation at Stanmore in 1943.
Photographic paper, board.
Photographic print
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Jane Peters (WRNS)
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Main collection (Warwickshire, UK).
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Purchased from a British dealer.
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May 2020
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Sep 24, 2023
A collection of photographs depicting Bombe operators from the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS). Included is a rare photograph inscribed as showing the Bombe outstation at Stanmore in 1943 as well as a seated group photograph of six Wrens which was also likely taken there. It is believed that 'Knight' identified below the latter photograph is Norah Boswell (née Knight) (1925-2018) who was a Bombe operator at Stanmore from 1943-45. Another of the photographs was taken at Somerton Manor in Somerset according to its inscription, which was occupied by the WRNS during the Second World War. The other photographs are at unidentified locations and there is also a portrait of the owner, Jane Peters. The photographs have been removed from an album at some stage, so some of the photographs mounted on board have unrelated photographs on the other side.
Outstations, initially located at Adstock, Gayhurst, Wavendon — all in Buckinhamshire, and then later at Stanmore and Eastcote, were established out of the danger of the Bombes at Bletchley Park being destroyed by German bombing raids. These outstations took on the majority of German communications, with many more Bombes (both three-rotor and four-rotor-types) issued to outstations in comparison to the noticeably fewer 4-6 at Bletchley Park. These Bombes at Bletchley Park, after outstations were established at Stanmore and Eastcote (replacing the outstations of Adstock and Wavendon) were used for demonstration and training purposes only. The outstation at Stanmore was known as OSS - "Out Station Stanmore" and the one at Eastcote, OSE - "Out Station Eastcote".
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