Patrick Hayes has been featured twice in articles written by Klaus Schmeh, one of the world’s leading experts on the history of encryption. These articles, published in ScienceBlogs, can be viewed below: 
'Three more unsolved ciphertexts from the battle ship Schleswig-Holstein' (3 Jan 2021)

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Three years ago I presented an encrypted message from 1939. Thanks to blog reader Patrick Hayes, today I can present three more encrypted messages from the same sender to the same recipient.
'Unsolved: A cipher text sent the day after D-Day' (21 Jan 2021)*

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Blog reader Patrick Hayes provided me with a coded message sent on June 7, 1944. Can a reader solve it?

*The above discovery turned out to be a rare American cipher key from the Second World War, rather than an encrypted message as described in the title of the article.